Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 1 (40 Soal)

1.      Edwin             : Hi, Alan. _________
Alan                : Very well, thanks. How about you?
Edwin             : I’m fine too, thanks.
a.       How are you?                                            c.   My name is Edwin
b.      See you                                                     d.   Where are you from
2.      Celine              : I’m going to bed now. Goog night, Dad.
Mr. Danar        : _________. Have a nice sleep.
a.       Good morning                                           c.   Good night
b.      Good evening                                           d.   Goodbye
The following dialog is for questions 3 and 4.
Mr. Irwan        : Good morning, everybody.
Students          : Good morning, Sir.
Mr. Irwan        : How are you today?
Students          : We’re fine, thank you. How about you, Sir?
Mr. Irwan        : I’m fine too, thanks
3.      When does the dialog take place?
a.       In the morning                                          c.   At noon
b.      In the afternoon                                        d.   In the evening
4.      How is Mr. Irwan?
a.       He is sick                                                   c.   He is tired
b.      He is very well                                          d.   He has a fever
The following dialog is for questions 5 and 6.
Doni    : Hi, Vita. What a coincidence  to meet you here, in the night fair! Who are you with?
Gita     : Sorry, I’m not Vita.
Doni    : Oh, I’m sorry. You’re alike my friend Vita.
Gita     : That’s O.K. Well, I’m Gita, Vita’s twin sister.
Doni    : Nice to meet you, Gita. I’m Doni, Vita’s classmate.
Gita     : Nice to meet you too, Doni.
5.      Where does the dialog take place?
a.       In a night fair                                            c.   At hospital
b.      At school                                                   d.   In a book fair
6.      Who is Vita?
a.       Doni’s sister                                              c.   Gita’s elder sister
b.      Doni’s classmate                                       d.   Gita’s classmate
7.      Soni     : It’s already five o’clock. Sorry, I have to go home now.
Heri     : O.K. Take care.
Soni     : Bye, Heri. See you tomorrow.
Heri     : See you.
What does the underlined sentences express?
a.       Farewell                                                    c.   Greeting
b.      Introduction                                              d.   Welcoming
8.      Tiara    : How are you feeling, Kiran?
Kiran   : I’m feeling _________. My grandma is hospitalized
Tiara    : I’m sorry to hear that.
a.       Sad                                                            c.   Happy
b.      Angry                                                        d.   Confused
9.      Rima     : Candra, could you accompany me to the drugstore?
Candra : Certainly.
Rima     : _________
Candra : No big deal.
a.       I’m fine                                                     c.   You’re welcome
b.      I’m sorry                                                   d.   Thank you very much
10.  Dimas  : Rona, why are you late?
Rona    : _________. I missed the bus.
a.       Thanks                                                       c.   I’m sorry
b.      Never mind                                               d.   Get well soon
The following dialog is for questions 11 and 12.
Nadya : Ouch .... it’s very painful!
Gerry   : What happened, Nadya?
Nadya : I fell from my bicycle.
Gerry   : Let me give you iodine.
Nadya : Thank you
Gerry   : My pleasure
11.  Why does Nadya express gratitude?
a.       Gerry repairs her bicycle                           c.   Gerry gives her iodine
b.      Gerry takes her home                                d.   Gerry takes her to the hospital
12.  What happened to Nadya?
a.       She fell from her bike                               c.   She stumbled when running
b.      Her bicycle hit a tree                                 d.   She lost a bottle of iodine
The following text is for questions 13 to 15.
            Hello, my name is Edgar. I am a student at SMP 3. I live in Maluku. I like swimmig and playing badminton. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite food is fried noodles. Nice to meet you.

13.  What does Edgar do?
a.       He asks for information                            c.   He talks about his activities
b.      He introduce himself                                d.   He intruduce his friend
14.  Where does Edgar live?
a.       SMP 3                                                       c.   SMA 2
b.      Maluku                                                      d.   East Java
15.  Edgar likes the following things, EXCEPT _________.
a.       Yellow color                                             c.   Playing basketball
b.      Swimming                                                 d.   Fried noodles
The following dialog is for questions 16 and 17.
Dastan     : Good morning
Bella        : Good morning.
Dastan     : I’m Dastan Halim, and you?
Bella        : Hi, Dastan. My name is Bella Wayne.
Dastan     : Nice to meet you, Bella.
Bella        : Nice to meet you too, Dastan.

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