Groups of Vocabulary

Receptive vocabulary is the body of words that a person recognizes and understands well enough to comprehend them when read or heard. Also known as the listening vocabulary, it contains the productive or expressive vocabulary.
As James F. Shepherd said that: Your receptive vocabulary is the words you know when you listen or read – the words you know when you receive thoughts from others. Your expressive vocabulary is the words you use when you speak or write – that is, when you express your thoughts to others.[1]
From definitions above, it can understood that receptive vocabulary is all the words that is use to understand the thoughts of others when someone listens or reads a word.

Expressive vocabulary (productive vocabulary) is the words whose meanings are known well enough to an individual that people would feel comfortable using word while writing or speaking.
Expressive vocabulary is the words that must be known when someone speaks or writes, when someone expresses his thought to other. The expressive vocabulary is smaller than receptive vocabulary, because the receptive vocabulary almost certainly contains many words that someone does not usually use when speaks and writes.

[1]James F. Shepherd, College Vocabulary Skill, third edition, (Boston: Houghton MifflinCompany, 1987),  p. 3