Definition of Method

Etymological, method comes from Greek that is metodos which meaning is the way of or walk.[1] In English referred as with the term method which meaning is the way of.[2] While by termilogical mean "the efficient and effective way in doing something".[3]
According To Harold B. Allen and Russel N. Campbell that method is an overall plan for the orderly presentation of language material".[4] According to Zakiyah Drajat, such with the method is a common and systematic way especially in searching natural truth.[5] Here in after Syaiful Bahri Djamarah express that method is a way of utilized to reach the target which has been specified.[6]
Brumfit and Roberts say that:
Method is a set of teaching procedures or techniques assembled in accordance with the principle of a certain approach to learning teaching, and used in conjuction with a certain type of syllabus and materials, the sum of the teaching techniques used in a given learning language or learning teaching situation.[7]

Based on some definitions above, it can be concluded that such with the method is an effective and efficient way in presenting lesson items systematically and planned to reach the wanted target

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