If-clause                            : anak kalimat yang berisi syarat
Main-clause                       : induk kalimat yang berisi akibat

Future conditional sentences

If + S + V1 + O
S + Shall/will + V1 + O

If I have some money, I will buy a dictionary.
I will buy a dictionary if I have some money

Present conditional sentences

If + S + V2 + O
S + Should / Would + V1 + O

If Maria ate an apple, she would be happy.
Maria would be happy if she ate an apple

Past conditional sentences

If + S + Had + V3 + O
S + Should / Would + Have + V3 + O

If he had studied hard, he would have been successful in life.
He would have been successful in life if he had worked hard

Contoh lainnya :

1.      If I have a car, I would go to Japan
2.      If anyone insults me, I will be angry
3.      If you had done what I told you, you would have gotten money from me
4.      If you do not stop talking,  I will not give you much money
5.      If the fire had spread, the buildings would have burned
6.      He would learn English faster if he studied hard
7.      We will not finish the work today if we do not work the work together
8.       You should eat less if you wanted to be slim
9.      She would be very happy if she met with her boy friend
10.  Our team would have won the competition if we had come on time